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Managed File Transfer

Managed File Transfer Software is a term for a solution that maps the entire process of secure data transfer between external parties. This includes the actual process of transferring data but also management and reporting. Since such a solution is embedded in corporate processes, there are certain requirements that any Managed File Transfer software has to fulfil:

All data has to be transferred and stored in an encrypted form.

Restricted access:
Role-based user rights and unique authentification guarantee that the system can be administrated efficiently.

Process reliability and compliance with audit requirements:
All major events are permanently logged so that they can be reconstructed and reviewed if, for example, legal difficulties between the sender and the recipient require such an evidence. Furthermore, users receive detailed notifications about successful or failed transfers.

The system should be highly available to make sure that corporate processes run smoothly. The managed file transfer software should be able to handle interrupted internet connections and performance problems automatically.

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