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The term encryption describes the process of converting plain text data into ciphertext using a key. To decipher the data and view the original plain text, a secret key is needed.
It is essential to encrypt sensitive data in order to protect it from unauthorized access by third parties.

The encryption key
The key used for encrypting the files is the decisive factor for the level of protection obtained. It is not only important to choose a key carefully but also to protect this key from any unauthorized access by third parties.
The password is a popular key used for encrypting files. Modern encryption methods (e.g email encryption) tend to use keys that are automatically generated. The user does not notice that a key is generated and security holes caused by passwords that are too short or too easy to guess are eliminated.

Decrypting data
In order to decipher encrypted files, a secret key is needed. The recipient can only decrypt the data if he has access to the secret key. If the key is lost, the original data can not be reconstructed. If unauthorized third parties gain access to the key they will also have full access to the plain text data.

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